​​​Initial Consultation:
       The Initial Consultation is complimentary - So contact us today!   
       It is our responsibility at this initial meeting to gather ideas on what you are looking to create          and accomplish.  Are you creating spaces for entertainment, gardens, relaxing, play area, curb          appeal, are you preparing to sell, how much time you would like to devote to maintenance, etc.        Your needs and your dreams are both important to know at the beginning of this process.  
       We will then cultivate your preferences and ideas.  

       Every project ​is unique depending on the clients needs and the scope of the project.
​       So the Design and Project Process can include: 


 If you are interested in references, please contact us and we can provide contacts                            that are appropriate for your project. 

              *Site Assessment:  

                       This can include a plant inventory, identifying current site uses, plat of survey,                              topography, etc. 

              *Concept Development:
                       This will include a presentation of preliminary concepts and ideas through initial
                       drawings and sketches.  There can be alternatives and options to give direction for 
                       the final design.  Concepts are the "big ideas" and not focusing on details at this 

              *Design Development:  
There can be additional meetings with client as needed to solidify design criteria                            and detail preferences with realistic budget goals.  A final product of a uniquely                            creative and functional design will then be presented.    

              *Installation Options:
Installation options can be provided to the client to include: installing on own,                                 phasing of the project, hiring own contractor(s), review of the variety of                                         contractor options referred by our company, hiring Brian Keith Marr, Landscape                             Architect, Inc. to oversee the installation, etc. 

              * Installation Proposal:

                      This can be provided as requested.   Brian Keith Marr, Landscape Architect, Inc. has                       worked with a variety of professional contractors which we can highly recommend                         that would be most appropriate for your design and budget.                       



                      Since our primary marketing is referrals and word of mouth, a satisfied client that is                       excited about the final product is our goal and a requirement for our company. 

Design & Project
evelopment Process

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